Life's WORC Pooled Trusts

Life's WORC offers a family of Pooled Trusts to meet specific needs. Not sure which one is right for your family? Find out here.

The Life's WORC
Self-Settled Pooled Trust

This Trust secures a personal injury award, inheritance or social security settlement which can be used to enrich the life of a person with disabilities, a traumatic brain injury or autism and still allows them to keep their means-tested benefits. Learn More.

The Life's WORC
Third Party Pooled

This Trust enables you or family members to put aside money for the future care of a child or adult with disabilities, traumatic brain injury or autism without jeopardizing their crucial government entitlement benefits. Learn More.

The Life's WORC
Surplus Income Trust

Best for seniors who receive Social Security and/or Retirement benefits and need to qualify for Medicaid, this Trust allows the individual to deposit their monthly "surplus income" or the amount over the allowable income limit—into the trust to pay for living expenses, instead of paying it to Medicaid. Learn More.